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Women most often talk about following acts:

  • Withdrawing your money
  • Limiting you the access to family money
  • Destroying common property
  • Destroying your personal belongings and your property
  • Taking total control over family matters and decision-making in the family
  • Shifting his responsibilities and duties to you
  • Refusing to work, caring for the family
  • Requesting your obedience
  • Forcing you to do things you do not want
  • Behaving as you were his slave, domestic worker
  • Persuading you that you are a bad wife
  • Persuading you that you are a bad mother
  • Using children against you
  • Threatening to take your children away or harm them
  • Using psychological, physical or sexual violence against children
  • Using children to transfer messages to you
  • Not allowing you to work
  • Keeping you from seeing your friends or relatives
  • Prohibiting you to have telephone conversations
  • Not allowing you to leave the house
  • Locking you in the house
  • Screaming at you
  • Insulting
  • Insulting the people you love, your family and friends
  • Calling names
  • Criticism and ridicule of your feelings, opinions, beliefs
  • Disregarding and neglecting your opinion
  • Disregarding and neglecting your wishes (regarding money, sex, leisure, home, family...)
  • Deliberately causing feelings of guilt
  • Persuading you that you are mad or that there is something wrong with you
  • Inducing feelings of fear
  • Kicking in doors and boxing in the wall, overturning furniture
  • Threatening to do something if you leave (hurt you, himself or someone else)
  • Pressing you against the wall
  • Standing and sitting on you
  • Violently lifting you/your children from the ground or carrying you/your children around
  • Banning or disabling you the use of a car
  • Causing fear by driving car dangerously, in spite of your warnings
  • Forcing you to do things that you find humiliating (kneeling, being forced to beg him for money)
  • Hitting with hand
  • Hitting with objects
  • Hitting different objects (cupboard, wall…)
  • Kicking
  • Pulling hair
  • Throwing objects at you
  • Choking
  • Pushing
  • Spitting
  • Twisting your arms
  • Chasing
  • Threatening with weapons
  • Threats to beat you, kill you, or destroy you mentally
  • Justifying his violent behaviour as if it was committed by accident
  • Justifying his violent behaviour by having been drunk, under stress...
  • Clarifying that he was violent, because you've said or done something that you should not have done/said
  • Persuading you it’s your fault
  • Persuading you that he is violent because he loves you
  • Persuading you that he will improve his behaviour
  • Excessive jealousy with constant accusations that you cheat him, flirt with others...
  • Denying having committed violence (sexual, psychological, physical ...) against you or anyone else
  • Severely criticizing your past relationships
  • Insulting you with terms like slut, whore...
  • Humiliating and criticizing your sexuality and your body
  • Touching your body when you do not want him to
  • Insisting on taking your clothes off when you do not want to
  • Touching your body in a way that you do not want to
  • Forcing you to sexual activity that you do not want (for example, oral sex, anal intercourse, watching pornographic movies and magazines, imitating pornographic movies)
  • Forcing you into sex
  • Despising and disregarding your feelings in relation to sexuality
  • Having sexual relations with other women although you have agreed not to have them
  • Persuading you that you're bad at sex and making such comments
  • Persuading you that sexual intercourse is his right, regardless of whether you want it or not
  • Requirements that you dress differently (more sexually or less sexual)
  • Forcing you to have sex with someone else
  • Forcing you to watch sexual intercourse of someone else
  • Forcing you to use sexual poses that you do not want
  • Stalking
  • Manipulating with lies
  • Claiming that you lie
  • Punishing you




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