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Welcome to the website of the Association for Nonviolent Communication, a non governmental, non profit and humanitarian organization. We have been working for 20 years in the field of violence prevention and intervention. We invite you to get to know our projects or join us in our activities.

Let non-violent communication and human right to safety become basic values and our common goal.


Violence against womenViolence against women is an extreme form of male control over women. Men's violence pushes women into subordinate position compared to men.
Violence against children
Children are more susceptible than adults to the negative messages about themselves, others and the world. A lot of violence against children, perpetrated by adults...

Paths from violenceIt is reasonable to maintain relationships that make us feel good and end those that treaten us. Read more...

Other types of violenceIn Association For Nonviolent Communication, we mostly deal with violence against women and children, nevertheless we would like to draw attention to other types of violence.

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